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Nov 2, 2008:
Natalie's BLOG is now up and running!

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"We couldn't believe our luck when we met Natalie. After years of practice with other teachers, our daughter truly blossomed under Natalie's guiding hand. Natalie provided that careful blend of wisdom, energy, good humor, and discipline our daughter needed – and helped to rekindle her joy in playing piano. We recommend Natalie Gilbert without reservation to anyone looking for excellence and grace in a piano teacher."
-JP, Father of Student from Waldorf School

"My son has been fortunate to have been able to study with Natalie Gilbert. Because he has high-functioning autism, not every teacher has been able to modify, structure, and highlight his strengths like Natalie has. Learning the language of music through the piano has been a very positive experience for him because of Natalie!"
AD, Mother of autistic son

"Natalie helped our son get past an impasse that almost made him quit playing piano. When he began lessons with her, suddenly his love of the piano shone through again; minimal practicing and painful lessons were replaced by lively improvisation, willing practice time, and an exuberant report after each lesson. When we pick him up, it is always a pleasure to hear him and Natalie improvising duets together. He has made tremendous progress, and piano is a joyful experience for him once more. Thanks, Natalie!"
- EG, Parent of Chapel Hill High School Student

"Natalie is a really, really, good pianist herself. And she's very flexible about what she teaches you. She's not the sort of totalitarian teacher who says, "You will learn this and you will like it." Instead, she lets you choose what you want to learn. She's very open-minded about different styles of music, and she knows a lot about a wide variety of genres, so that no matter what you want to work on, she is able to help you learn it. Lessons with her involve work, but she is able to adapt to what you have been able to prepare that day and still teach you a ton."
- MG, Chapel Hill High School Student

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