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Myofascial or Deep Tissue Massage uses slow, deep, muscle-specific strokes to contact deeper layers of body tissue. Deep Tissue is an effective way to reduce chronic pain and muscle tension and repattern functional alignment.

Swedish Massage uses light, rhythmic, flowing strokes and soothing stretches. Swedish massage increases circulation and lymphatic flow, increases range and ease of motion, decreases physical and mental stress and promotes whole body relaxation.

Thai Yoga Massage:  In the summer of 2012, Natalie traveled to Chaing Mai, Thailand where she studied Thai yoga massage for five weeks including courses at Sunshine School and Loi Kroh Massage School.  Although she is not "certified" yet in these techniques, she incorporates some of the principles in her work. 

Hot Stone Massage involves the use of heated, smooth river stones placed on key points of the body. The stones are also used to actively massage muscles, in both deep tissue and swedish sessions.

Chair or On-Site Massage is a shorter massage, done in a special ergnoic massage chair while fully clothed. A chair massage promotes better circulation and muscle stimulation. This form of massage reduces tension in key points in the back, neck and shoulders. A swift chair massage revitalizes your body and encourages overall well-being. Great for parties and events!

Stretching, referral to physical therapy and other modalities: Natalie is not afraid to say what she does not know expertly, and she calls upon other colleagues to support her work.  She also believes that stretching is incredibly important, especially as we age.  She tries to educate clients about stretching and incorporates these techniques into the massage.  She also refers out to physical therapists  and other healing modalities such as Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique practitioners.

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